Why Video Resume?

To compliment your regular resume and get first good impression.

To provide a summary of your skills, abilities and accomplishments.

For prospective employers to review before hiring.

Good Choice...

Tips – For Making Video Resume

Create your 20-30 seconds short video featuring an introduction about yourself.

Upload to our video resume portal, and we prioritize your hunting for the right career prospect and your video (Private & Confidential) will be store in our nationwide network database.


We will be giving you an award with RM30.00 worth of voucher/coupon within 30 days (shopping, movie and food, etc.). Simply click here for redemption, we will do the verification with the employer.

T&C: This reward redemption apply only for first uploaded of video resume and for those had been successfully employed.

Are you candidate?

You have to register as candidate,

Edit your profile,

Post your resume,

Then submit your video resume.