Job ID: R9810-644
Application Support Manager (Banking)


RM 10000 - 12000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Commerz Trade Services Sdn Bhd (CTS)
Computer/ Information Technology Manager Contract 7 - 10 year(s)

Job purpose:

The incumbent acts as the line manager of a chapter. Because the primary focus of a chapter can be professional or technical, the Team Head can function as a business expert or engineer alongside his/her management role. When functioning as a business expert or engineer in a cell, the incumbent does not act as the line manager or professional manager of the cell members.


The incumbent is responsible for implementing standards and for development within his/her chapter. He/she promotes the future-readiness of the team members by creating the conditions to build and develop agile and specialized know-how and a digital mindset and ensuring the cross-chapter exchange of knowledge.


In the Cluster Supply Organization, business specialists, business experts, engineer specialists, engineers, product owners and scrum masters work together as a team. The agile methods support the team members in performing their functions by facilitating a rapid and flexible response to changing conditions and customer needs through an iterative approach and the continual development of new solutions.


Key activities:

  • Understand and comply with Commerzbank’s Code of Conduct
  • Manage/supervise and guide staff; evaluate staff performance and provide feedback; perform staff hiring, disciplinary activities and employment related decisions.
  • Promote an environment that encourages cooperative thinking, team spirit and a service-oriented approach by allocating tasks clearly, delegating responsibility and providing pertinent information/feedback in order to achieve predetermined targets
  • Carry out managerial tasks with a situational leadership style.
  • Support subordinate colleagues to develop professionally and reach their full potential in line with the opportunities provided by the company
  • Organize and provide trainings and support to ensure high performance standards of the KL team.
  • Participate in Committees and projects with specific task of ensuring overall compliance with strategic and operative targets/projects
  • Acquisition, ongoing development, and transfer of operational/process-related/IT knowledge on assigned issues
  • Active tracking of given sub-processes, considering regulatory requirements and process control parameters
  • Application and ongoing development of the necessary skills to set up new, future-ready digital architectures
  • Compliance with security standards and ensuring stable operations with regards to products, services, processes, and systems
  • Continual optimization of uniform and efficient process organization concepts
  • Contributes to the implementation of defined digital strategies and innovative technologies within the cluster
  • Customer and interface management, including needs analysis, advice and support for central functions and clusters with regards to assigned issues
  • Defect management (tracking, analysis, and reporting)
  • Defining the test data for own simple test cases (ordering test data)
  • Documenting test results; handling of subsequent reporting within the framework of defect management
  • Ensuring that internal and external standards are met, in particularly with regards to regulatory issues, reporting, compliance and auditing in the context of assigned issues and applying best practices
  • Improvements to products, services, processes and/or systems must take into account the requirements of barrier-free IT access / software ergonomics in accordance with the objectives of the Commerzbank action plan "Inclusion"
  • Involvement in planning, design, and implementation of release activities
  • Operation, support, and maintenance of infrastructure, including support for relevant systems, data updates, reporting and user authorization management within the cell
  • Preparing logs/minutes and researching required background information (figures, data and facts)
  • Product portfolio support for one or more products, services, processes and/or systems within the cluster in accordance with quality standards
  • Proper preparation of simple test cases, bearing in mind quality standards and deadlines
  • Standard Service Delivery duties for Incident, Change and Problem Management
  • Support in preparing user stories
  • Timely completion and delivery of information, concepts, and presentations appropriate to the needs of the target groups
  • Working in a cross-functional team so that all tasks required to deliver the relevant products, services, processes and systems can be completed
  • Flexible approach to working hours e.g., weekends or on-call, inter regional meetings, DR tests, releases etc.
  • Analysis, continual optimization, implementation and transparent documentation of processes, taking into account regulatory requirements and process management parameters to fulfil defined targets / regular tasks
  • Concept development, support and ongoing development of products / services / processes / systems within the cell; development of solutions geared to requirements
  • Coordination and steering of interdisciplinary activities
  • Design, support and ongoing development of heterogeneous / multi-dimensional products (possibly portfolios) / services / processes / systems and structures to support uniform and optimal business processes throughout the entire Bank
  • Development of short to medium term plans in own area, including forecasting of necessary resources
  • Efficiency and quality awareness; due consideration for security, proper procedures, and risk; setting timeframes and deadlines
  • Organizing, coordinating, and setting priorities to fulfil regular tasks, focusing on own field of expertise
  • Recognition and problems specific to own specialized area; assessment of these problems using standard processes; preparing / developing solutions
  • Responsibility for and leadership of one or more interfaces; sharing specialized knowledge within cells and/or chapters
  • Disciplinary responsibility for local team.
  • Assume TPM responsibilities as assigned


Formal education:

  • Commercial training (e.g., vocational training as a bank clerk, IT specialist) or Degree course (full-time or through co-op programme while working or completing vocational training e.g. vocational academy, university of applied sciences or university) in Computer Science or Engineering. Alternatively, in Mathematics, Physics, Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance or similar with strong IT focus or bank-internal education in a relevant field with significant working experience.


Specialist knowledge (work experience, further qualification):

Deeper and/or more versatile proficiency:

  • In-depth knowledge of the entire range of products and services for at least one business segment relevant to the cluster with a technical focus
  • In-depth knowledge of the IT applications used in the area of responsibility
  • Multi-year working experience in an international environment
  • Experience in a leadership/management role; extensive product, market and regulatory knowledge
  • Excellent leadership skills including employee motivation and conflict solving
  • Strong interpersonal skill set particularly in cross cultural environment
  • Ability to effectively communicate and interact productively with staff members, senior management, internal and external stakeholders
  • Able to work and make decisions independently
  • Strong coordination and teamwork skills
  • Assertive self-starter with strong verbal communication skills
  • Solid knowledge and skills in the areas of test design and implementation
  • Strong process management skills
  • Strong coordination and teamwork skills
  • Assertive self-starter with strong verbal communication skills


Basic Skills:

  • Ability to explain complex issues clearly
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the IT applications used in the area of responsibility
  • Excellent English skills. Ability to speak in Mandarin would be a strong asset as well
  • General knowledge of economics, business and technology as well as a knowledge of the industry and company
  • Knowledge of business and IT policies, regulations, working procedures, relevant guidelines and the Bank's internal organizational structures
  • Knowledge of data protection regulations when dealing with IT in own area of responsibility within the Bank
  • Knowledge of the entire range of products and services for at least one business segment relevant to the cluster with a technical focus
  • Strong abstract thinking ability; conceptual and analytical mind-set
  • Strong familiarity with all main MS Office Applications


Technical Skills Required:

  • Good understanding of Job scheduler Applications (e.g., UC4), and ability to create and maintain scheduler tasks
  • Ability to use standard IDE (e.g., Visual Studio) for queries and investigations
  • Interface and messaging knowledge (e.g., MQ Services)
  • Good knowledge of the Microsoft Windows Server System (OS - W2k8 and higher) Software Architecture, System Services and Application Pools. High ability to analyze Windows event logs and general administrative tools.
  • Active Directory knowledge, including authorization and access rights in relation to files and folder structure inheritance
  • Software deployment, packaging knowledge (analysis, creation and maintenance)
  • Knowledge in PowerShell scripting, Unix, (Python an asset)
  • Experience in Windows Fileshare Systems, Windows Cluster configuration, Load Balancing, Application- and Webserver (three tier architecture)
  • Oracle Database knowledge and experience, (e.g., Database-Objects, -functions and views)
  • Knowledge and experience to right and run SQL and SQL statements
  • Banking Backoffice Application experience (Payment processing and reporting systems e.g., Axiom)
  • Financial reporting, business administrative, vendor management, audit and governance experience

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