Job ID: R9810-643
Senior Application Support (Banking) KL


RM 6000 - 7500 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Computer/ Information Technology Senior Contract 5 - 7

Job purpose:

  • Agile, Digital Mindset, Teamwork and Customer Needs. In the Cluster Supply Organization, the incumbent will perform their functions by facilitating a rapid and flexible response to changing conditions and customer needs through an iterative approach and the continual development of new solutions particularly in the everchanging requirements. Incumbent knowledge and experience are needed to demonstrate flexibility with regard to assignments to various cells and chapters, including cross cluster boundaries


Senior Role:

  • Analysis, continual optimization, implementation, and transparent documentation of processes, taking into account regulatory requirements and process management parameters to fulfil defined targets / regular tasks
  • Concept development, support, and ongoing development of products / services / processes / systems within the cell; development of solutions geared to requirements
  • Coordination and steering of interdisciplinary activities
  • Design, support and ongoing development of heterogeneous / multi-dimensional products (possibly portfolios) / services / processes / systems and structures to support uniform and optimal business processes throughout the entire Bank
  • Support in development of short to medium term plans in own area
  • Efficiency and quality awareness; due consideration for security, proper procedures and risk; setting time frames and deadlines
  • Organizing, coordinating and setting priorities to fulfil regular tasks, focusing on own field of expertise
  • Recognition and problems specific to own specialized area; assessment of these problems using standard processes; preparing / developing solutions
  • Responsibility for and leadership of one or more interfaces; sharing specialized knowledge within cells and/or chapters
  • Assume Technical Product Manager responsibilities as assigned


Additional Role:

  • Application and ongoing development of the necessary skills to set up new, future-ready digital
  • Improvements to products, services, processes and/or systems (must take into account the requirements of barrier-free IT access software ergonomics in accordance with Commerzbank policies and standards
  • Flexible approach to working hours (e.g. able to participate on weekends on-call rotation, inter-regional meetings, DR tests, releases etc.)



Technical Skills:

  • Strong SQL covering reporting, updating, data design, and stored procedures. Oracle is preferred, SQLServer is acceptable
  • Oracle is ideal, SQLServer is acceptable
  • 2nd and 3rd level ITIL support of both in-house built and vendor applications running on Windows and/or Linux/Unix.
  • Some programming experience in creating and maintaining small applications is preferred


Process :

  • Certification in ITIL, particularly Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management (ITIL 4 Foundation)
  • Understanding of banking processes including documentation, 4-eyes principal, segregation of duties


Other Skills:


  • Good written and spoken English with documentary substantiation
  • Able to explain their approach to incident and problem investigation
  • Able to take the lead in obtaining detailed requirements of users and following through to requirements sign-off
  • Willing to ask questions so as to learn more quickly
  • Willing to take responsibility to investigate incidents and problems, help users overcome the simple issues, propose technical solutions for more complex issues, and review/approve the proposed resolutions from other team members
  • Willing to proactively call customers and vendors to obtain or provide further information, falling back to email/messaging only for specific data
  • Willing to teach junior colleagues the skills they need so that the successful applicant can move on to more challenging tasks
  • System / technical documentation
  • Functional / user documentation
  • Requirements documentation


Formal Education:


  • Degree course (full-time or through co-op program while working or completing vocational training) (e.g. vocational academy, university of applied sciences or university) in Computer Science. Alternatively, in Mathematics, Physics, Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance or similar with strong IT focus or bank-internal education in a relevant field with significant working experience.

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