About Job Career

JobsNCandidates draws on decades of experience in talent sourcing (i.e. recruitment) and brings three distinct parties together on one seamless and straight forward platform that ensures a mutual win for all parties.

The 3 parties are:

1) Job seekers

2) Employers

3) Recruiters

Job seekers can leverage on the video resume features on our site and obtain for themselves greater visibility. Job seekers who are more serious about looking for opportunities can purchase credits to position their profiles as a higher priority to potential employers and recruiters. Conversely, job seekers can refer employers, recruiters and other candidates to earn useful credits that will help them achieve their personal and career goals.

Employers and recruiters can access traditional details found in resumes but they can benefit significantly by evaluating candidates via video resumes to skip the time consuming tasks of:

1) Painstakingly reading a resume

2) Guesswork

3) Filtering in and filtering out candidates by arranging for face-to-face interviews

4) Evaluating communication skills and

5) Evaluating appeal and relevance.

Both employers and recruiters can earn additional credits by referring other employers, recruiters and candidates. With the additional credits, they can apply them to unlock the best features that JobsNCandidates has to offer.

It’s a win all around for everyone whether they are a job seeker, employer or recruiter today or in the future.

That’s the fulfilment that JobsNCandidates aims to achieve and it will continuously improve to deliver a useful service.


Our mission is to prosper candidates, employers and recruiters globally


Our vision is to deliver mutual benefits for candidates, employers and recruiters in a single platform. Effective locally, relevant globally


Your wellbeing is our priority